Album Winter Storm of Tarja Turunen

Included songs:
  • "Ite, Missa Est"
  • "I Walk Alone"
  • "Minor Heaven"
  • "Boy and the Ghost"
  • "Die Alive"
  • "Lost Northern Star"
  • "The Escape of the Doll"
  • "Ciarán's Well"
  • "My Little Phoenix"
  • "Sing for Me"
  • "Calling Grace"
  • "Oasis"
  • "Poison"
  • "The Reign"
  • "Sunset"
  • "Seeking for the Reign"
  • "Our Great Divide"
  • "Damned and Divine"

In this album have some bonus tracks

CD/DVD bonus tracks
  • "Damned Vampire & Gothic Divine" (heavy version of 'Damned and Divine')
  • "I Walk Alone" (Artist Version)
  • "I Walk Alone" (In Extremo Remix)

UK bonus track
  • "The Seer"

US CD/DVD edition bonuses
  • "I Walk Alone" (In Extremo Remix)
  • "You Would Have Loved This" (live, Cori Connors cover)
  • "Damned and Divine" (live)

Bonus for japanese fans
  • "Ciarán's Well" (live)
  • "Our Great Divide" (live)